I am very late doing the blog today. Sorry! Busy morning!

I slept late. Always good!

Walked far. Very good!

Then to the coffee house to sit on the porch and read the papers.

Following which I enjoyed a first time event! I went grocery shopping at Publix with the grandkids!

My daughter had her own shopping to do. And I mine. Ally was afraid to go with me. But Robert was a man! He escorted Poppa!

He sat in the cart as I did my thing. He kept my groceries organized in his fashion. And of course I got nailed for a few extra things I would not normally buy. Like a gummi (that is how it is spelled) candy crocodile and ice cream!

I have 2 parties today. A 50th anniversary this afternoon and a going away party this evening. The going away is to the middle east.

Both should be fun.

I recently read the biography of Katie Couric which came out several months ago. I mention it because the first 12-13 pages are replete with the name Jean Carper.

Jean is a Key West friend. A successful authoress. She has made millions! She writes books on what foods to eat to maintain a healthy body, cure ills, etc. I remember several years ago I had a very bad head cold. Nose kept running, could not stop sneezing. I went to one of Jean’s books. It said eat a whole clove of garlic every 2 hours. I did. The symptoms disappeared. So did everyone else! I was a walking garlic chimney!

The Couric book identified Jean as NBC’s medical director in 1980 when Couric was getting started.

I ran into Jean at breakfast recently. Yes, she is the one described in the book. The book suggests Jean and Couric were good friends. And they were! This is when Couric was a wannabe in the broadcasting business.

For my friends up north, Jean has a brother who is a retired GE engineer who lives in Saquoit. For my Key West pals, Saquoit is like 2 miles from Utica. So Jean is very familiar with the Utica area.

Yestereday was a quiet day. I did paper work and paid bills all day. Such is life…

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