Good morning!

Still on the chilly side here in Key West. Temperature at 8 am 66 degrees. That is cold in Key West! Projection is for 78 today so I guess the cold spell is finally passing over us.

Played golf yesterday. Again, it was chilly! I wore long pants and a sweatshirt and still was cold on some holes! It depends on the wind.

Yesterday was Wednesday and Wednesday is Bobby Nesbitt time at Kwest. Another great evening. Bruce Moore joined in for many of the tunes.

Then home. I was in bed at 7:45. Waiting for the Obama/Clinton debate to start at 8.

The debate sucked. Obama looked terrible. Clinton better, but not by much.

This country is in deep shit trouble! The economy is going down the toilet rapidly. Gas prices are sky rocketing. People are without medical care. An ill begotten war continues. And it goes on!

ABC sponsored the debate. Gibson and Stephanopolus moderated/questioned. A poor performance by all involved. And I am not referring to the candidates! ABC, Gibson and Stephanopolus did the lousy job! The unprofessional one!

Instead on dwelling on our economy, war and other problems, it bombarded the candidates with questions about people they knew way back when years ago. It was tabloid jouranlism at its best! Not worst! Becaused that is what tabloid journalism is about. Gutter focus.

Obama got hit ruthlessly with such questions the first 45 minutes of the show. Clinton had her share also. Such garbage! I want to know how to end the war, fill my gas tank cheaper, pay the mortgage and get the price of groceries down! ABC failed to focus on these important issues!

This is sewer politics at its worst!

Negativism seems to have always permeated our political discussions. However that is not true. It really became a focal thrust the first time Clinton ran in 1992. He introduced finding the minute and blowing it up into a major issue in the media. All the while the major and obviously importnat issues were pushed to the side.

It has over the past 16 years developed into an art form with the political parties and the media. And it is bad that the media has been sucked up into this vortex. Someone has to keep the campaigns on the straight and narrow.

If not the media, who?

A vacuum.

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