Busy day yesterday!

It was my first day back.

The morning started early with cuban toast and coffee and the papers at Paradise Cafe. It was cold. All day and night! But that did not stop me from sitting outside. Old habits, especially good ones, never die!

Then a long brisk walk along the waterfront. The cold made it easy. And made me move my ass to complete it!

Since I had been away, the cupboard was bare. So it was off to Publix to grocery shop.

I started a one week diet yesterday. So I purchased all kinds of diet goodies. Hope I use them all! The road to hell is paved with good intentions!

Then a manicure! Always easy on a Monday morning.

Could not miss the grandkids! When I got there they were both in time out. And proud of it! They were excited to tell me what they did wrong. Love them!

A stop at the drug store to fill a prescription.

Then home. It was only 11:30. I had accomplished a lot in a short period of time!

I spent the afternoon on the phone, doing business and paying bills.

Last night I had dinner at the bar at La Tratattoria. Only ate caprese: 2 slices of mozzerella and 3 slices of tomato. No booze. Three diet Pepsis, 2 waters and a cup of decaf coffee. Thought you had me, huh?

Interesting people sharing the bar with me for dinner. The owners of three separate reastaurants, Antonia’s, Alice’s and Michael’s, were there. Speaks well for the food and ambviance.

Stopped in the Pier House to see Larry Smith. His featured vocalist was a lovely blonde lady from Portland, Oregon. A real beauty! And she could sing also! She performs professionally in the Far East. In fact, she leaves for Thailand in 2 weeks.

Donna the barmaid, oops, the bartender, was kind enough to get me 2 cups of decaf from the kitchen. I continued to be a good boy!

Then home to bed before 10.

This mroning is golf! Still cold outside. Will stay that way till tomorrow. High will be around 70. I know that sounds warm to those up north. However it is not in Key West. The wind coming off the Gulf is cutting!

Till tomorrow…

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