Kathleen Peace! Kathleen Peace! Kathleen Peace!

Last night was her night! At the Tenessee Williams cabaret. A spectacular presentation!

Her singing brought the audience to its feet several times!

She is Ethel Merman and Barbara Streisand combined! Only better!

Thank you Kathleen for a wonderful evening!

She was backed by Larry Smith, Skipper and a few other musicians unknown to me. Larry produced the show. All professional! All good!

I traveled back from Utica yesterday. Arrived just in time for the show. Took 10.5 hours.

The planes are packed. Only because the airlines have fewer flights. Probably to conserve on gasoline.

When I checked in in Syracuse, the counter person asked if I wanted to fly first class. What did I have to do? Give up my seat on the first flight. They would get me out later and I would arrive in Key West at 10 in the evening. I said no. I had a date with a lady named Kathleen Peace at 8. The pie was sweetened. In addition to the first class upgrade, there would be $500 also. My position remained the same. The counter person at that point advised they were 7 people overbooked and would have to bump. She promised I would not be bumped as obviously it was important for me to keep my 8 pm date with Kathleen!

I am back to normal. I am happy to be back in Key West. As soon as I finish this blog, I am off to Paradise Cafe for breakfast and the papers. Then a walk along the waterfront.

Nothing good ever changes! Especially in Key West!

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