Yesterday was my father’s 94th birthday! A big day! Long in coming! So will be his 100th which we are hoping to celebrate!

I mentioned yesterday I bought him a Wii game for his birthday. A winner! If any of you have a sort of home confined relative, buy him/her a Wii!

By the time I got to my father’s yesterday afternoon, he and his great grandson Johnny from Texas had already been playing for 3 hours! Golf, bowling and tennis.

My father was all enthused! Excited! The game obviously contributes to both mental and physical alertness. But all from a seated position. A real winner! I can see my Dad using it every day from this point forward. It provides something for him to do. Even at those times when he might be alone.

I played 9 holes of golf and bowled 5 frames. My golf game was worse than on a real course! If it could be! It was!

Tough game! Everything comes into consideration! Wind, water, elevation, rough, etc. And your stroke! All in the wrist! Something which must be mastered.

I have bowled 3 times in my life. I am as good as Obama! However I was better at the bowling than the golf. Nothing worse than a spare! Left no pins standing! Good for me!

Then I quit. I was tired. I went home to take a nap!

Johnny is probably my great grand nephew. These things get confusing after awhile. Whatever, he did a terrific job in putting the Wii game together! Took all of 5 minutes I understand. It is a generational thing!

Last night was the birthday dinner! My father’s choice as to location. He picked a neighborhood Italian restaurant known as Chesterfields. Most of the family is out of state vacationing. However my daughter Lori, her husband Allen and my grandson Andrew were in Utica. So they obviously joined us.

Andrew is 6. He is my father’s great grandson. Dad is now 94. So they are 88 years apart. Yet they communicate very effectively with each other! Interesting!

Andrew is starting organized baseball. The first level is T ball. He has already played once. Sunday he plays again. My father and I will be there to watch him. So too my daughter Lori.

Four generations in all!

God is good!

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