I apparently brought good weather with me. It was 71 in Utica yesterday!

A quiet day overall.

My father and I lunched together. At our favorite place. “99.” This is Utica!

Then to Barnes and Noble. For coffee and reading. And girl watching of course!

My father got hooked on Conseca’s latest book on purported steroid use in major league baseball. I started reading a book on problems in Germany immediately following the end of World War II.

My reading got a bit boring. I noticed a small book on how to buy and care for a dog. I have been toying with the idea for awhile. So I read it. It was short. And interesting!

Then home to bed for a nap. I guess I was still tired from the long trip from Key West yesterday.

Last night I met my friend Gus for drinks at the Hotel Utica. Good to see him again!

We had dinner at a new place later on. Called Alee’s. I had pierogis! Covered in hot melted butter! Fantastic! And disgustinmg at the same time!

I payed for the indulgence all night and am still uncomfortable!

Today the mundane.

A dentist appointment at noon. My sister and her son arrive later in the day. Tonight a family dinner.

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