Ask and you shall receive! So sayeth the good book!

I asked yesterday why the water was blue for a portion of my drive back from Miami. Thirty seven people responded. And all with the same answer!

It has to do with the gulf stream.

Ocean water is naturally blue appearing. Blue reflects the purity of the water. It is not dirty.

The reef comes into play also. There is a reef in the Atlantic lying about 7-10 miles off the Key West shore. The reef runs closer to the land as it runs north. It is very close off Key Largo.

The gulf stream is like a river in the ocean. It cuts its own path. And it is not one straight flow. It has eddys which shoot out from the main flow. Much like a hurricane’s swirls.

The gulf stream butts up against the reef. The reef generally prevents the gulf stream from coming to shore. But when the gulf stream overrides the reef, the water by shore changes from green to blue.

The water 120 miles to the north is much clearer and better for diving because divers can go on the other side of the reef where the water is gulf stream blue. However here in Key West the water is green because the reef is so far out and prevents the gulf blue waters from reaching our beaches.

The 20 mile stretch from Islamaroda to Marathon that was blue on my drive back was the result of one of those gulf stream eddys making it to shore.

It is amazing how smart I am becoming! My thanks to all of you who responded and educated me!

Another interesting thing occurred on my drive back from Miami thursday. As I entered Key West, I saw an old plane circling to land at the Key West airport. A very old plane! A two engine job. Looked like a World War II DC 3. The kind John Wayne would be flying!

Yesterday’s Key West Citizen newspaper had a large front page picture of the plane sitting on the runway at the Key West Airport. The headline was something to the effect that the plane landed without permission.

It was a DC 3! It was of World War II vintage! John Wayne was not flying it!

Turns out, or so the story is told, that 3 individuals making a James Bond movie in Chile were flying the plane back to the United States. For whatever reason, they preferred to do U.S. Customs in Key West rather than at a larger airport. And so they landed here. Apparently made quite a furor. First, no permission to land. Apparently they just landed. Second, the wing span of the plane was too large for our airport.


The whole story sounds fishy to me!

Last night I went out with Utica friends Rit and Nancy Lennon.

We started at Kwest. A great introduction into a Key West evening for them.

Bobby Nesbitt. And last night Bruce Moore also. Plus it was Larry Harvey’s 87th birthday! The place was packed! The music terrific! Both Rit and Nancy got into it and sang their hearts out! Even to the the end with It’s A Grand Old Flag, Yankee Doodle and God Bless America!

Then to Antonia’s for dinner. Christgopher, one of the owners, is originally from Turin. Turin is about 15 miles north of Utica. And Christopher and Rit knew many of the same people from back home!

I wanted Rit and Nancy to hear Larry Smith. So we were off to the Pier House after dinner!

I am glad we went! Larry’s wife Christine Cardone was singing. A talent in her own right, separate and distinct from Larry!

However there was an extra treat! Larry’s daughter was in town! And singing with Larry and Christine!

Journey is a professional musician. A vocalist. She sings every where. Every where meaning all over the country. And last night she was in the Wine Galley in Key West with her father singing her heart out! She was good! Even Rit and Nancy commented on her singing.

And my heart did a jump of joy when Journey came up to me and gave me a hug and kiss as I entered! A nice girl from a nice family!

Sometimes my age causes me to stub my toe! Or put my foot in my mouth!

Donna the barmaid is no longer the barmaid. She asked me to please refer to her as Donna the bartender. She said barmaid “…was so 1960s.”

Upon reflection, it probably is! But I am 72 and my words of expression are rooted sometimes in the past. Political correctness can be a pain! Difficult is another way of describing it. This male/female stuff I sometimes do not understand! If I were a woman, as charming and lovely as Donna, I would rather be described with a femine term as opposed to a male or even worse neuter one!

However Donna you are a bartender from this day forward! And probalby lose some feminity in my eye as a result thereof!

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