Nice South Beach day yesterday!

The afternoon was spent at the beach. Where else after what I reported yesterday!

There were four middle aged women from France 20 feet in front of me. We chatted. They were apologetic in a non-apologetic way. “We are from France!” Thus they explained their four sets of magnificent oil glistening bare bosoms lying proudly erect in the afternoon sun!

No apology was needed! I was thrilled they were French!

Actually on closer observation it was evident that a large percentage of the beach must have been of French heritage! A magnificent sight!

All things quickly become boring! Must be! Because I soon fell asleep. For three hours! And paid for it last night twisiting and turning in bed from the burn!

Speaking of last night also, I decided to return to Joe’s Stone Crabs for dinner. Who knows the next time I might be in this area again! Another specatular meal!

I return to Key West later in the morning. I am actually looking forward to it. I enjoy the drive and I enjoy Key West. What could be better than living in a place where you are on vacation all the time!

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