I am in Islamorada, sportfishing Capital of the World!

I was at Schooner’s Wharf at cocktail time last night having a drink and watching the sun go down. One of my friends suggested we go fishing. And that is why we drove to Islamorada last night.

Islamorada is about 85 miles north of Key West. Part of the Florida keys.

We checked into the Islander. A 1960s type motel complex. Clean, neat and reasonable. It sits on a 1,500 foot beach on the Atlantic.

Fishing is today. Last night was partying.

We started at the Lorelei. What a great place! An open air bar on the gulf side. Big! Even had a 3 piece band. Packed with people enjoying themselves. We had fun. I recommend this place. Something occurred to me while I was enjoying myself and the people there. They were primarily, if not all, senior citizens. I am a senior citizen so the age genre is of no concern to me. It brought to mind however the difference between Islamorada and Key West. One of the reasons I settled in Key West was that the people were of all ages. And more importantly they all socialized together. There was no division based on age. I found that true of Looe Key also.

Looe Key is 20 miles north of Key West. I have visited the bar there bearing the same name as the key several times. Either to hear my friend Howard Livingston and his Mile Marker 24 band or my friend Yankee Jack. Each time I noted the crowd was composed primarily of seniors.

The preceding is merely an observation. Nothing more.

Anyhow there came a time when we had to eat! You can only drink so long. We ended up at a place called Ziggie and Mad Dog’s. Only in the keys! I do not recommend it. Very expensive and the quality left much to be desired.

The only thing I ate that was terrific was the lobster bisque. My salmon sucked. One of the guys ordered the 40 ounce prime rib. Much too large! But he had the desire for prime rib. We all had a taste. It was humongous! It too sucked! And cost $44!

Desert was not much better. The specialty was a chocolate cake. It had that 3 day taste. So no more Ziggie and Ma Dog’s.

We were supposed to go out on the boat early this morning. We are still waiting. Something wrong with the motor.

A fisherman I am not! So I really don’t know why I came except for the fun of it. The last time I went fishing was about 2 years ago. A friend had a new 65 foot fishing boat. He invited me and a doctor friend out for the day. The boat also had 2 crew members. If you can afford to buy a new boat that large, you can afford a crew! We went out 65 miles. Everyone gets close to Cuba here when they go out in boats. We were only 25 miles from Cuba.

I spent the day over the side feeding the fishes. Was I sick! My only comfort was that the doctor was sick right next to me!

So again I do not know why I am here. And I wonder what tomorrow’s tale will tell you of today’s soon to be experienced adventures on the boat. May I be well! May I survive!

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