It rained again during the night! Poured!

I guess the guy who turns the faucet on and off does not know it never rains this time of the year in Key West!

Headed for Square One last night for a drink before dinner. Ran into Bob and Becky sitting there outside having a drink. So I joined them.

Bob and Becky have been snowbirds for years. They come from Pennsylvania. They run a major printing business there. Big time!

Bob told me he just started doing some printing for Turning Stone. Turning Stone is an Indian casino and resort about 15 miles from my home town of Utica. A small world it is!

Of course we talked politics! Pennsylvania is the next battleground in the Obama/Clinton fracas!

My friends are neither Obama nor Clinton supporters. They are for McCain. We had an in depth and wild discussion! Our talk gave me the opportunity to explore motivations. If Bob and Becky are typical Pennsylvania voters, and I see no reason why not, Obama is going to have a hard time there!

Then to dinner at La Trattoria at the bar. Cathy was bartender last night. Originally from Albany, NY. We northerners are taking over Key West!

Spaghetti with oil, garlic and red pepper! Thank God I was not with a woman!

This morning I leave for Miami on business. A 4 hour drive through the keys. I look forward to it!

I shall be in Miami till friday. Staying in South Beach, a stone’s throw from Joe’s Stone Crabs. I cannot wait to indulge in the meal!

Yes, I am bringing my lap top with me! Tomorrow’s blog will be from South Beach!

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