I enjoy Sundays!

I generally start the day by having breakfast with my grandchildren. I did so yesterday morning at Camille’s. Of course Lisa and Cory were along also.

Lisa does not yet trust me to take the grandkids out alone. She is making noises that it is now ok to take Robert alone. But it has not occurred yet. She claims my attention span is too short to handle the both of them.

She forgets I helped raise 4 children of my own!

As I get older, I notice younger people seem to treat me increasingly as some inept person needing assistance. Such bullshit! However in reflecting on this issue I can recall treating my father in a similar fashion and now regret it!

Life teaches us!

Anyhow, back to Camille’s.

It does not rain in South Florida this time of year. Or so the toothsayer sayeth!

It poured like hell while we were in Camille’s. Monsoon type rain. Heavy and driven sideways. People were coming into the restaurant soaked and laughing. And of course saying it never rains this time of year!

I was watching the weather channel later in the day. The reporter said the only place it rained in Florida yesterday was Key West! She explained the cold front from the north, the high and low fronts, all came into conflict with each other for this uncommon event. And that cloud over Key West hung there for an hour because the fronts were all pushing against each other!

Too much for me to understand.

About 5 this mrorning I heard this horrendous noise. Strong wind! And was it raining again! I had to hurriedly close the doors and windows. My bedroom carpet was soaked and is still soaked. When it rains heavy in the keys, it does not rain straight down like everywhere else. It rains sideways! And so blows into a house if the rain and house openings are on the same line. My open doors and windows were on a natural blend with the driven rain at 5 am!

It never rains this time of the year in South Florida! Someone better tell the fella who turns the rain on and off!

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