I was up early this morning! Very early! Another glorious day in Key West!

I had breakfast and read the papers at Paradise Cafe. Then to Lisa’s to see the grandchildren. Love it!

Last night was interesting and brief.

I started the evening at 6 at the Yacht Club. A drink and some sociality.

Then to the bar at La Te DA for drinks with some male companions. Some of my golfing buddies and a couple of other guys. The women were all at a Womankind function at Tenessee Williams. Two of them were singing. So it was guys night out!

What a drag! I prefer their wives! Ho ho! No, ha ha!

After a round of drinks, we went across the street to Alice’s for dinner. A fine local restaurant! Serves Caribbean flavor. And cooking done by Alice herself!

Duck is one of the house specialtis! Crispy! So duck I had! Excellent!

It was now 8:45. Dinner had ended. Every one wanted to go home. No one wanted to go out. What a bunch of dead asses! As a result I was in bed at 9:15. Much too early! Woke at 3 and have been up ever since!

Their fault for not wanting to go out! My fault for not going out!

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