I just watched the sun rise over the ocean! A bright orange ball!

The water is quiet. Like glass! There is no breeze.

Bocci last night!

A disaster!

We lost the first 2 games. We were not even in them! I left in the middle of the third game after receiving a call from Lisa to go to the drug store for her before it closed. That is what you do when you are retired! So I do not know who won the third game.

We were so good the first half of the season. Tied for first place a couple of times. However the last 2 times we have played, the magic is gone. Not just me. The whole team. We are in a slump!

Don of Don’s Place suggested we played the easy teams in the first half and now have to face the tougher teams in the second half. Perhaps. However that should not make that much of a difference. Respectfully the other team did not beat us last night. We beat ourselves. We were not putting the ball where it has to go! Something we were able to do with regularity and confidence the first half of the season!

Oh, well! Isn’t it wonderful that with all the national and worldly concerns we face, I have time to concern myself with our bocci game! Maybe our leaders and want to be leaders should play bocci. Not only would they find it relaxing, but it might also sharpen their perspectives on life and problems! It certainly helps me zero in on what is important in life!

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