Better late than never!

It is 5 o’clock in Key West. I am just doing today’s blog. Sorry. I was running late this morning and just returned  home. My emails and telephone calls have been voluminous! Where is today’s blog? Are you ok? What happened? And so on.

I am glad people are concerned.

Last night was bocce.

We won 2 out of 3 games. Normally a good night. Not last night. We should have won all three.

We won the first and second. Lost the third.

I played in games 2 and 3. Played well in game 2. Sucked in game 3. The reason for my reversal in game 3 was drinking. I had one drink too many. I became a bit wobbly. My concentration was affected. I went everywhere, but to the pollina.

My excuse is not over indulgence. I was too busy to eat and forgot. I had last eaten at noon.

Afterwards, I headed over to Don’s Place. Drank only diet Pepsis.

This morning was my internet show. The Key West Lou legal Hour. Another good show! I am pleased and excited with the shows. Too early to tell yet what topics proved the most interesting today.

After the show, I had a one hour business meeting. Then a haircut with Lori.

Now home.

At 6:30, I will be at the Florida Keys Community College. Graduation. Jennifer Johnson, my sometime bocce partner, Keith’s love, and David’s prospective daughter in law, is graduating. I am honored to have been invited. Afterwards, I will be attending a party in her honor at Benihana.

Sunday is Mother’s Day. We are all waiting for Lisa to tell us what she would like to do!

Marty, where are you? How are you? You are worrying me, my friend.

Enjoy your day!

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