Sunday breakfast with Lisa and the family!

Lisa cooked up a big spread. Robert and Ally were their humorous selves. Cameron shared his rugby experience from the day before. A good time was had by all!

Tom Dixon is a Facebook friend. He is from Buffalo. A Syracuse fan, also. A loyal reader of this blog.

We met face to face for the first time last night. By prearrangement. At the Gardens.

After a drink or two and some interesting chatter, we headed to La Trattoria for dinner. Jean Thornton joined us. We made a jolly trio!

We ate at the bar, of course. Kathy bartending. Becha came over to greet me with a hug and kiss. Kathy gave me a kiss likewise. That was my sex life for the night!

I had a wonderful time. Tom and Jean are both very interesting people. We talked long.

Tom is looking for a place to rent for himself and his family this summer for one month. He has been here in the summer before. I am sure we will hook up when he returns.

Jean  left us to play poker with the girls. I have already heard from her this morning. She says it was a bad night!

Osama bin Laden has finally been made to pay for his sins. I compliment President Obama and his team. I am waiting to hear Trump’s comment.

I am planning on enjoying a screw off day. Nothing on my plate.

Enjoy your day!

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