Yankee Jack!

The sweetest nicest guy in the world!

Yankee is still on his diet. Has lost a total of 61 pounds to date! Good job Yankee! Stay with the diet! We all love you!

Golf day yesterday. My new Bobby Jones hybrid is serving me well! Great fairway club! I am really pounding the ball and straight! However I still cannot get off the tee. Several years ago I could get off the tee long and straight. However everything that followed sucked! Now I have remedied the fairway problem and hit like a sissy off the tee! That’s golf!

Last night was Bobby Nesbitt evening at Kwest! As usual, absolutely fantastic! I love this part of my week!

Mary Jo is in her fourth week of chemotherapy. And doing well! She has yet to be sick! God bless!

While we were at Kwest, someone called her at the hospital where she was hooked up for her chemo. Donna was with her. We all sang to Mary Jo over the phone! Such is the love of all for all in Key West!

Later Donna met me at Antonia’s for dinner. Not Donna the barmaid. Donna, Mary Jo’s former partner.

We ate at the bar. Good conversation. Donna is a learned and worldly person!

I was up early this morning. Had to go to the doctor’s office for tests preparatory to my annual physical in a couple of weeks. Blood work, urine, electrocardiogram, breath test, etc.

Had to starve for the tests. So afterwards I hurried to Paradise Cafe for cuban toast and coffee. What else!

Then I took a long fast walk.

The wind is still blowing here. Has been blowing for about 2 weeks. Down to 15 miles an hour now. However it keeps the temperature in the high 70s as opposed to the low 80s. I prefer it on the warmer side!

The sky is clear today. Only a few spots of clouds. And the water is so green and clear! Very noticeable!

I was running out of food! So it was off to the supermarket. Publix.

I never shopped while I worked. Now that I am retired I love going to the super market! First, it is something to do! Second, I always run into friends! Love it!

Tonight bocci! We shall rise from the ashes!

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