I apologize for my continued repitition concerning the weather. But…..it is so good! Never better at this time of year. And this morning is no different. Sun, minimal breeze, slow moving water, a few clouds scattered through out the sky.

God is good!

Yesterday was a quiet one. I stayed home during the day. Researched a lot. Did some writing.

One of the things I wrote was my Amazon Kindle legal blog of the day. It was entitled “McDonald’s and Happy Meals.” Happy Meals are under attack. There is a federal court lawsuit to eliminate the toy from the package.

What a reaction! You would have thought I was talking about eliminating Social Security and Medicare!

The message was loud and clear. Don’t screw with Happy Meals!

Two examples of the reaction include Tom Dixon and Jimmy Pirate Jowsey.

My Buffalo friend Tom Dixon wrote: “DON’T mess with Happy Meals…40 million adults were weaned on Happy Meals.”

Jimmy Pirate Jowsey wrote: “First Cracker Jacks and now this? What is this world coming to?”

I did go out for a couple of hours early last night. Stopped at Don’s Place.

Jeff was there. He is going on a 36 hour trip tomorrow. He and some others are attending the Marlin game at noon Wednesday. Then to Hard Rock Casino. They hope to be back in time for bocce Thursday night.

Lori and PD at Don ‘s also. I received a hug and kiss from each. Made my evening!

What will today bring? I do not know. And that is the way it should be!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I understand your fascination with the weather. Weather directly affects our mood and beautiful sunny mild days are certainly a boon. We have that weather now here in my part of Virginia, just beyond gorgeous with crystal blue skies, 70's, breezes and sun. Love it as well! Spring and Fall here are literally to die for. Summer here is like summer there. Last winter was really mild so who knows, climate change I guess, if you believe that stuff.

    Enjoy your day as I am enjoying mine!

  2. Really, Lou, it is getting repetitious… But only because it's so true! It has finally warmed up here in southeastern PA and I'm so happy. The warm weather energizes me and I'm much more productive. Enjoy your day, whatever you end up doing!

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