The weather got cold last night! It is even colder this morning!

The wind is blowing strong from the north. The palm tree branches are bending. There are 2-3 foot waves in front of my home!

And yet a high of 80 degrees is predicted for today!

I shall not complain!

I had fun last night!

Remember my cousin Maurice who was visiting me last week? One of his daughters is Linda. Linda was in Key West last night. With husband Pete and friend Terry.

We partied a bit! Runs in the family!

Dinner at Antonia’s. Drinks and listening to jazz afterward at the Pier House with Larry Smith.

We had a great time!

Linda was born in Utica. She is the same age as my oldest daughter Beth. They attended grammar school together. Then my cousin Maurice moved to the Washington, DC area. So I seldom see Linda. I think the last time we were together was about 5 years ago for Lisa’s wedding.

To start, Linda is a knockout appearance wise! Trim, blond and lovely! Too good looking in fact! Strikingly so!

And in a long slinky red dress!

We arrived at the Wine Galley and Larry Smith before Pete and Terry. I walked in with this lovely on my arm! All eyes looked up! What was Louis doing? My friends June and Bill Nelson were the first to greet us. I could see the look in their eyes. I said MY COUSIN! They said oh no! I said for real! Linda said for real also! And then they finally believed me! I think!

Linda is as smart as she is lovely! An Annapolis graduate, she spent 10 years in the Navy before retiring. She was in intelligence. When she retired, she stayed at the same job. Only her attire changed!

She still works in intelligence. I believe with the Department of Defense.

Her husband Pete is an Annapolis graduate also. Now a retired Marine! He is here in Key West for a few days while skippering his sailboat from St. Petersburg around the keys and up to Virginia. Linda flew down to spend the weekend with him.

Friend Terry is mate to Pete on the sailing jaunt.

Our conversation was lively! Politics and family! All in all an interesting evening.

Linda leaves today. I hope it will not be 5 years till we are together again!

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