Yesterday was a glorious Easter Sunday!

As it should be!

The sun rose boldly in a clear sky! As in He Is Risen!

First was a 9 am egg hunt at Lisa’s home with the grandkids. As hard as I tried, they beat me in the egg hunt contest! They cheated though. The other adults were all helping the grandchildren!

Then a big Easter Sunday breakfast prepared by Lisa. Too much too early in the day! But oh so good!

A huge breakfast calls for an equally long walk! And so I walked the island!

By the time I returned home, my grandchildren were there frolicking in the pool. So Poppa had more exercise!

Last night was equally terrific! An Easter dinner party!

I was invited by Linda and Bill Schrufer. You will recall from past blogs that I consider Linda the Key West hostess with the mostest! She knows how to plan and throw a party! And always so gracious!

Turned out to be a co-sponsored party, so to speak!

The party was at Lee Ann and Michael’s home in Truman Annex. Lee Ann and Michael’s condiminium is one of those facing the ocean and with a huge terrace! Lovely! We were able to view sailing boats, the Disney ship leaving port and the setting sun as we frolicked!

I had met Lee Ann and Michael about a year ago when they first moved to Key West. A very nice couple! From some place up north. Young. Both in their early to mid 40s. That is one of the nice things about Key West, the generations mix and socialize together. There is no age barrier.

The drinks and food were outstanding! Diets went out the window last night! Or rather off the terrace!

The conversations were wild! Primarily politics at my table. Strong and forceful! All sides represented. It is going to be an interesting election when we finally get to it!

Time to walk! I have to work off the drinks and dinner from last night!

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