Sunday was a quiet day. As it should be!

I was up early because I could not sleep. Had Cuban toast and coffee at Paradise Cafe. Sat for a long time reading the Sunday papers.

Then drove over to Lisa’s to play with my grandchildren. Too much for a tired old man!

Sunday afternoon is pro football time. And it is Don’s place time!

Don’s place is Don’s Millionaire Bar on Truman Ave. It is a far cry from what the name connotes! It is a plain and simple bar in a beat up old building. Nothing fancy. Has an outside bar which is also lacking in anything fancy. But the atmosphere is upscale warm!

Don is a first class person! He deserted the newspaper business in Buffalo and came down to Key West for the better life. And not only did he find a better life for himself, he found a way to provide a better life for the locals here.

Everyone goes to Don’s! It solely serves booze. Open from 7 am to 4 am. Don says he does his biggest business from 7 in the morning to 11 in the morning. Explains the special nature of his clientele at that time.

Don is personally a very generous person. A perfect example is Thanksgiving when he cooks and puts out turkey dinners and the works free for his customers. I think the number was 22 turkeys this past Thanksgiving.

Sunday pro football watching is the best at Don’s. He has TV sets all over the place. I watched 5 different games at one time outside. It is only confusing the first few minutes.

Don also cooks on an outside grill cheeseburgers and hot dogs with all the trimmings on Sunday afternoons for the football customers. They are plentiful and free. Done in a very homey atmosphere.

I went home around 5 and was in bed early watching old movies till I fell asleep.

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