Good morning!

And a happy Easter!

I am up early. Going to Lisa’s for an egg hunt with the grandkids! Old versus young! Hope I win! Ho ho!

I was tired tired yesterday from a late partying night. So I spent the afternoon in bed.

All in preparation to go out last night!

I started with wings at Kelly’s. They are oh so good!

Then to the Pier House for the Larry Smith show. Larry and his show get better every time I visit!

Last night Larry featured Peter Diamond. What a voice! What presentation!

Peter is originally from Syracuse, New York. Utica is a mere 50 miles away and I attended law school at Syracuse University. So that make Peter and I some sort of compatriots!

Peter has lived in Key West for many years. He is married to Holly. Holly is one of the most beautiful human beings I have met. Always a hug, kiss and smile!

As usual, Larry and Peter played to a full house. A mixture of locals and tourists.

Donna the barmid had her work cut out for her last night. She was hustling all over the place keeping everyone’s glasses full! Always with a smile and a kind word!

I was home and in bed before 11. The night before was still upon me!

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