Paradise is Key West!

No question about it!

The weather continues to be absolutely magnificent!

The sun is shining. Not a cloud in the sky. The water blue and moving slowly along.

God is in his Heaven, all’s right with the world! Here in Key West, that is.

I stayed in bed late again this morning. It is Sunday. I watched Meet the Press. We live in exciting times nationally and internationally. Scarry, also.

Syracuse won yesterday! Beat Georgetown at Georgetown. 58-51. A significant win. I enjoyed watching the game.

I had dinner with Lisa and the grandkids last night at Outback.

It amazes me the business Outback does on the weekend. Family nights. Locals.

I tried to eat. Ordered french onion soup. No way!

So I sipped my diet cokes and watched Lisa, Robert and Ally put down full meals.

Robert and Ally can read the menus. At 6 and 5. Impressive.

Ally is obviously better.

I spent the evening home in bed. Watched an old movie on TV and fell asleep early.

This Sunday is a big day! I will walk a bit. Hopefully I will make the Gardens at 5:30. This evening I will watch the Academy Awards from the comfort of my bed. It would be nice if I had someone to share it with me.

Enjoy your day!

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