Just finished playing golf.

I bought a new club two weeks ago. A Bobby Jones hybrid! I recommend it! Without reservation! It has already lowered my score by at least 10 strokes!

Last night did wings at Kelly’s again. Oh so good! Big and succulent! Go there and try them!

Met an interesting family at Kelly’s last night. Unfortunately their name escapes me. I never was good at names!

Anyhow, they are from a little town outside Madison, Wisconsin. They are here for 9 months. Renting at the Sanctuary on the golf course.

The mother is down here on some sort of grant working at the Botanical Gardens. The father is working at the Key West Citizen. The daughter is in her last year of high school here.

Since my background is in enviromental law, we had an interesting discussion.

Nice people. I hope they opt to remain here permanently.

A small world it is! We were sitting opposite a couple who overheard me say I was from Utica. Turns out she is from Syracuse and her boy friend Boonville. Syracuse is 50 miles away from Utica and Boonville 10. They have been in Key West 3 years.

Last friday my cousin Maurice and I had dinner at the Yacht Club.

Amy Culver joined us for a bit.

Amy is a Key West legend.

She owned Mangos restaurant on Duval for years. Did a great job remodeling the place when she acquired it. It was and still is a top restaurant, especially for tourists. Primarily outdoor dining.

Amy sold the restaurant 2 years ago. A smart move the way things are developing economically!

Amy loves Africa. She travels there frequently. 3-4 months at a time.

And she does not do the safaris and popular travel destinations. She gets into the brush and dust with the natives. She also has become a do gooder for these people.

She told us she recently returned. And what a story she had to tell!

One night she was accosted by 2 soldiers. Friendly they were not! They wanted $500 or she was in for a difficult time! Her life, rape, what have you! She was not certain, but clearly realized the danger. And scared she was also!

She did not have $500 on her. Much less! She finally was able to escape and ran all the way back to her room in tears. She says she has never been that afraid in her life before!

Another reauranteur of note in Key West is Carmello. A legend also!

Carmello and his brother Virgilio came from Italy 20 plus years ago. They opened La Tratattoria Restaurant, of which I often speak. Unforunately, Virgilio died a few years ago.

About 2 years ago and around the same time as Amy sold Mangos, Carmello sold La Tratattoria. Good timing for him also!

Both obvioisly smart people!

Today Amy and Carmello have started new businesses. Not together. But next door to each other.

Each opened a much smaller busines than they were previously in.

Amy opened a sandwich shop. Small. Buy thru an open window on the street.

Carmello opened a bar. No food. He is done with food!

The bar appears small on the outside, but is large and attractive inside. A huge rectangular bar with easy chairs and sofas along the walls.

Amy named her place Dreyfuss Deli. Not after the person well known in French history. After a dog!

Apparently there was once a totally undisciplined dog living in Key west by the name of Dreyfuss. He belonged to no one, but belonged to everyone! Though untrained, he was well fed and cared for by the community.

Where Carmello got the name Bottle Cap, I am not sure. But it is a good name for a drinking emporium!

Obviously Amy and Carmello are good friends! In the business sense! I do not wish to be accused of spreading false gossip!

And as former major restaurant owners, they know how to share! If a customer is hungry, he/she is able to by a sandwich at Dreyfuss and take it into Bottle Cap to eat.

I did! The system works terrific! Especially on a night when you are not that hungry!

I recommned Dreyfuss Deli and Bottle Cap! Go have a good time!

Even more intersting is the fact that the New York Times last friday ran a major article on Key West eating places. And you guessed it! Dreyfuss was part of the story! Along with Hogfish, BOs and the like!

Tonight is Bobby Nesbitt at Kwest! I cannot wait! I look forward to those two hours when he plays every week!

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