Another glorious day in Key West!

The sun is shining, nary a cloud in the sky and 82 degrees!

This is a continuation of the cold spell predicted! Down from 88 to 82!

There is a strong wind however. About 25-30 miles per hour. Off the Atlantic. And brings with it the cold air which has dropped the temperatrure 6 degrees.

It is amazing how much I have learned and continue to learn living here on the island!

I have a granddaughter Sara. Actually I have many granddaughters and grandsons. Eleven in all!

Sara is 19 and a sophmore at St. John Fisher College in Rochester. She is studying business. Her ambition in life is to be affiliated with professional sports, perhaps as a televsion commentator. In that regard, it is her intent to obtain a Masters degree from Newhouse at Syracuse University after she completes here studies at St. John Fisher.

This week Sara is in Fort Lauderdale! It is Spring Break time!

Sounds good and exciting! However Sara is there with her parents, sister and 2 brothers. My daughter in law, her mother, is a tough woman!

One way or another Sara will enjoy the week. And enjoy it to some degree with the thousands of other college students frolicking the beaches!

Sara’s friend Meeghan is with her. Meeghan goes to Fordham and aspires to being a doctor. A smart girl!

I wish them both well! Enjoy! Have a great time!

I would be remiss if I did not point out my earliest recollections of Sara. It was only hours after she was born. I was holding her. So tiny! Really tiny! And only yesterday! Time moves much too fast! Yesterday becomes tomorrow in the wink of an eye!

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