It is 10 o’clock Monday morning. The anticipated cold spell has yet to arrive! It is 86 degrees and humid!

Yesterday was a quiet day. A family day. Breakfast with the grandkids, afternoon in the pool with them and then play inside my home.

And then early to bed for me! I needed it!

This is college week in Key West! The students have invaded us!

I met 3 young ladies at the coffee house on Duval. They were seniors at the University of Tennessee. 21 all and the world before them!

Nice kids! Hard for me to envision them as adults, even though they now are!

One of them is a biology major. A 3.5 GPA. Outstanding!

She intends to continue schooling to receive a doctorate.

This summer she has a job in/on Domenica. Domenica is a small Carribean island. I heard of it for the first time recently when a friend vacationed there. It is just starting to develop. A few airlines and some small guest houses.

The bio major has a 3 month summer job on Domenica to study lizards. She was all excited! Beside the interest in the work, she gets free flight, rooom and board. And most importantly, an additional $4,500 stipend at the end of the 3 months! She says her parents are thrilled also that she is finally earning money and good money at that!

Iguanas are prevalent in the keys. I have a family of 3 that live on my property. She was excited to hear about them. A small world indeed!

My iguanas consist of what I assume is a father. He is about 3 feet long. Then the mother about 2 feet long. And the baby who is about a foot long.

They live under my deck. The family comes out by day to sun themselves. They enjoy the deck and the walls surrounding my property.

They are not flesh eating. When they first arrived, I checked iguanas out on the internet. They will not bite. Good! And they have no fear either! I walk up to them and they do not move. Their attitude is screw you/don’t bother me!

The only negative with having them around is that they deficate. All over the dock! So hosing has become a daily chore!

When the rats invaded my house, the iguanas disappeared. I thought the rats had made short order of them. Apparently not since they returned when the rats left.

My hard drive has not come in yet. I am doing this blog at Lisa’s. My gandchildren are around me. They want me to finger paint with them. So that is how I shall spend the rest of my morning!

May your day be as enjoyable!

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