Casey struck out again yesterday!

Syracuse lost!

Villanova over Syracuse 83-72. The #7 ranked team in the country beat the #3 ranked team.

Two consecutive losses for Syracuse.

Boeheim was correct. Syracuse is the most over rated team in the country. Now. But will not be at the end of the season. So Boeheim predicts. So I believe.

Syracuse was down 14 points and came back to be only 4 behind with 2 minutes to play. But victory was not to be.

I was impressed with Villanova’s shooting. Especially the 3s. They were deadly! It might have been a different result had Villanova missed a few. But, it was their day!

I watched the game at the Sports Page Bar. Me and my new found friend Marty from Oneonta. Marty does plaster boarding and masonary work. Knows Utica. Buys from Cavo Brothers and Urbaniks. A nice guy. He will be returning north in two weeks. He is not looking forward to the weather.

Speaking of the weather, it was cold yesterday. I wore a sweatshirt and shorts. It was not a shorts day. The sweatshirt was not enough. Needed my leather jacket.

By day yesterday, the temperature was 67. With a cold wind from the north.

It really got cold last night! Right now the temperature is only 53 degrees. With the wind still blowing in. It is coming from the northeast. Which means off the Atlantic. The weather report says only 10 mph per hour. I don’t believe it. Has to be at least 20-30. My palm trees are bending!

After the game, I went to the gym. I have not been diligent of late with my exercise. It was good to return. I especially enjoy the boxing.

Afterwards, I went next door to Don’s Place for a glass of water and to talk to friends. Must have been an in between time for the drinkers. Only 2 people there and I did not know them.

The way the wind was howling last night, I decided to stay in. Had a light dinner and spent the evening writing. This writing thing is becoming engrossing. It will be interesting to see what I produce. Even I am curious as to the the final product!

Today will not be a normal Sunday. Terri is singing with the Key West Pops tonight. I waited too long to buy a ticket. The show is sold out. There is a dress rehearsal at 1:30 this afternoon. Terri said come to the dress rehearsal. She will leave my name at the door.

My afternoon will be spent listening to some great music.

At some point either this morning or after the show, I have to do today’s Key West Lou Law blog for Amazon Kindle. Today’s subject matter will deal with two heinous crimes which occurred this week in the United States. One at each end of the country. Disgusting. Twenty first century crimes. The type of wrongdoing that never would have occurred in days gone by.

My friend Jim Brown has expressed himself once more on Facebook. Love his use of the English language. Jim was born and raised in Scotland. His Scottish brogue is reflected in his speech. He now lives on the island of Crete in Greece. I am sure they love him there!

Jim’s gem: “…still top of the world today…so off oot for a wee walk in the glorious sunshine.”

Marty! Where are you? You are missed!

Enjoy your Sunday folks!

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