Another great day in Paradise!

It is noon Sunday. Sun is bright! 88 degrees! A few scattered clouds whiten the sky! Humid!

A cold spell is predicted for tomorrow. It will last 2 days. The high is expected to be 82. What a joke!

There was smoke moving over Key West yesterday. I thought there was a fire some where on the island. Turns out not!

The smoke came from Cuba!

It is sugar cane harvesting time in Cuba. Before the cane is cut down, the leaves and other growths must be removed. They are burned off! And the wind carried the smoke cloud emitting therefrom the 90 miles separating Key West from Cuba!

Last Thursday after bocci I was at Don’s Place drowning my sorrow over defeat with my fellow team mates. The benefit was that the winning team was buying!

At some point I decided it would be nice for all of us to celebrate further. So I announced I would throw a party at my home this Thursday for the 3 teams sponsored by Don’s Place. Key West is a place where any reason for a party is a good reason! And this Thursday is a bocci off night because of the holiday.

Well I am now reneging on my offer to have the party this Thursday. Turns out I forgot this was Holy Week. Not a sufficient reason in itself perhaps, but because of the nature of the week my time is full for the week. I forgot other committments when I made the offer.

So via this blog I announce to all concerned that there will be no party Thursday at my home. However I am a man of my word. And I do wish to party further with my bocci friends! So the party is rescheduled till after the end of the bocci seasson. The tentative date is the first Thursday evening following the conclusion of the season and playoffs. 6 pm is starting time!

I ask those of you who read this blog to please share the party cancellation message with those concerned. Larry Smith for sure reads me daily. So Larry you are in charge of spreading the message! Thank you in advance! I know I will hear from you endlessly re the rescheduling and imposing on you the message spreading responsibility!

Cousin Maurice left early last evening! Good! I was tired! Still am!

I had a quiet evening last night. Wings at Kelly’s and early to bed!

I had a quiet pleasant time at Kelly’s.

Doug and Chris are two of the bartenders there. Both great guys! Doug has been around Key West a long time. Very friendly! Chris is the reigning Fantasy Fest King! An honor in and of itself! Well liked! Good friends with Patrick the bartender at Square One. Both Chris and Patrick are friends of my daugher Lisa.

Key West is a small world!

I also had the opportunity to talk with Kelly’s owner Fred Tillman last night. A Key West icon! I enjoy hearing his thoughts on the Key West business climate!

It has been grandkids time the past 2 days.

Yesterday afternoon I spent 2 hours with them in the pool. If I was tired before from my Cousin Maurice exploits, I was dead afterwards!

This morning I had breakfast at Square One with Lisa and her family. The gradchildren were ok, except that Ally was a bit feisty! It all adds to the pleasure of the moment!

I had planned on resting the rest of the day! However Lisa just informed me she is coming over with the kids for the afternoon to swim!

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