Thirty years ago today I was in Portland, Maine.

The day was January 9, 1981. The event the wedding of my good friends, Bob and Helen Marks.

Bob and Helen were insurance company people I had worked with over the years. I was especially close to Bob. So close that he honored me by asking that I act as his best man.

Today Bob and Helen celebrate their thirtieth wedding anniversary. Congratulations! Thirty more!

I went to Maine for 24 hours. It was an in and out trip.

Cold! So cold! As Bob reported on Facebook yesterday, it was 20 degrees. You have not lived till you have been in Maine in 20 degree weather!

Compounding the problem was the nation’s first oil crisis. This was it! Lines for gas. Fuel oil at a premium also.

I went to the wedding with one of the worst colds I had ever had. Maine weather did not help. I visited a local shopping center to get some pills. Anything! The inside of the shoping center was colder than outside! Because of the fuel problem, the heat was down to just above freezing. Clerks working the stores were totally dressed. Boots, heavy coats, scarfs, hats and gloves. That’s how it was!

The wedding was memorable!

Helen wanted to be married in the same Lutheran Church that her parents had married in during World War II. She wore the same dress and hat that her mother had worn. My recollection was that it consisted of a maroon suit and hat. And she wanted to be married on the same date as her parents, January 9.

Helen did it all!

It was a lovely ceremony. In the evening. By candlelight. Just Bob and Helen and perhaps four others including me.

Afterwards, we went to dinner at some famous historical restaurant. A small place. Actually a small house. My recollection is that it had been there back at the time of the Revolution. The place was nothing but clapboard. No secondary building material. No insulation.

The wind was blowing a hundred milkes an hour. I was sitting with my back to the outside wall. It was coming through the clapboards. I did not think I was going to make it through dinner!

I went to Maine with a cold and left with pneumonia! Only kidding.

It was a wonderful time. I was with good people. Bob and Helen, love you both! Thank you for having me thirty years ago. Best wishes for many more years!

Bob ran 4 wedding pictures yesterday on Facebook. Take a look at them. Helen is still beautiful 30 years later. Bob’s hair is now white. And I have no hair!

I am in pictures 2 and 4 on the left. A full head of hair and thin! Forty five at the time!

Rita Botha e mailed me yesterday commenting on friday’s radio show. Rita is a friend living in Calitzdorp, South Africa. She watches the show on the internet.

Rita and her family run a restaurant in the country side. A family operation.

Rita has two granddaughters. Aged 3.

A customer/gentleman came into the restaurant in a wheelchair. The girls starred. They asked Rita what was wrong with the man. She explained that he might have been in an accident, perhaps lost his legs.

The girls were curious. They went over to see if he had legs. One is named Gianelle. Rita reports Gianelle “…approached him and gently touched his arm…meaning: please feel better.”

The comfort of children.

I watched Syracuse basketball yesterday. Syracuse beat Seton Hall 61-56. I was worried! Seton Hall is not that good this year. Their star player was out with an injury. Syracuse is undefeated and ranked fourth in the nation.

A piece of cake!

It was not!

Syracuse was lucky to win. Hope they now have that bad game syndrome out of them.

Terri White! One of the loves of my life! Sings tonight at Feinstein’s at the Regency in New York City. Big! New York’s premier supper club. Break a leg, Terri!

I have been concerned about losing that last pound. To make the goal of 25 pounds lost. God is good! I woke this morning to discover I had lost 2 pounds. So it is 26!

The only problem is I am now considering going for 30! Initially my goal was 20. I got there and said why not 5 more.

We shall see.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. 26# and going for 30# !! Great, congratulations.. When it comes to food or drink, I wish I had that kind of will power.. Patrick

  2. It's one thing to take the weight off – it's another to KEEP IT OFF! Most regain in a year. If you can say you have kept it off in a year (or two is even better) you will probably be alright. However, you have to change your habits and keep up on maintenance. I should know – I lost 80 pounds over 18 years ago and have been successful ever since. It took 2 years of hard work but I am a success story. No fads or gimicks but just diet and exercise. I learned how to listen to my body and it's needs so good luck.

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