Good morning world!

It is Saturday. Beautiful! 82 degtrees! Not a cloud in the sky! Dry! A slight breeze!

God is in His Heaven! All is right with the world!

At least here in Key West!

My cousin Maurice leaves today. I am thrilled! He has been here a week. I could not handle another day!

We are like to college kids on vacation!

Last night we closed La Te Da. I have never locked up La Te Da! Not even close!

Then we went to Don’s Place.

Too much!

I am dead on my feet. I plan on laying around for the next week doing nothing.

I still do not have a new drive for the computer. Had to get it out of Marathon. Supposed to be here Monday. I am at Lisa’s writing this blog.

My cousin does not leave till 5 pm. He wants to know what we are going to do today. He never gets tired!


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