My computer is still down! It is the hard drive! I blew it! Hopefully it will be replaced over the weekend and I will be back writing this blog on a daily basis.

Today I am at Lisa’s writing it.

My custom is to write immediately upon waking up. Around 6 am.

I am lost without my computer. It is interesting how it has become an intricate part of most of our lives. When there is nothing else to do, there is always the internet! I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms!

Last night was the big night! The night of nights!


The two first place teams met. And as close to mortal combat as could be, it was!

My team is Bat Construction. The other first place team is Don’s Place. We went into last night’s match with records of 16-4. Not bad!

We got our asses whipped! Don’s won all 3 games! How embarassing!

The first two games were close to the end. Don’s finally pulled them out with last minute spurts and won each by 5 or 6 points.

The final game became a must win for us! We were determined!

We were ahead 10-2. We lost 16-14.

It was not meant to be!

We were beat by a better team last night! No excuses! Chris and Don himself played exceptionally well!

There is another match down the road. Who knows what will happen! Perhaps we/Bat need a bit more seasoning and we will have to wait till next year to end up number 1! On the other hand, it could still happen this season. Whatever, we shall recover.

Afterwards we all went to Don’s Place to party.

One good thing about losing a sporting match in the keys is that the winners buy the drinks! So I drank for free last night!

My cousin Maurice is still here! He leaves tomorrow. As much as I love him, I will be happy to see him go! I cannot take these late nights and heavy drinking! I am wearing down! No, I am worn down!

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