Good morning! Almost good afternoon!

Pouring here! Will rain all day!

I apologize for missing two days of blogs. I blew my hard drive and am waiting for it to be fixed. Hopefully!

My cousinn Maurice is visiting me from Washington, DC. He arrived Sunday. He leaves Saturday. I do not know if I can make it! Or he! We are partying too much!

Sunday night till late at La Te Da! Last night at the Pier House!

Larry Smith’s monday jazz night continues to be a winner! Exceptional!

Today I shall spend in bed. In preparation for this evening! Where we will be going I am not sure. But trust me it will be fun!

My former governor Eliott Spitzer got his just due! He hurt too many people on his way up! The addage that what goes around comes around is very true!

Till tomorrow…..

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