Good morning!

Cold and rainy today. High projected at 67. Tonight 59.

Yesterday was hot and humid. 88!

Amazing how swiftly the weather can change!

I sensed yesterday today would be bad. The water was still. Very little breeze. And the wind was from the south.

The calm before the storm! And I have found that whenever there is a southerly breeze it brings with it inclement weather!

A disaster befell me yesterday! I blew the hard drive on my computer!

I have a new digital camera and was learning how to put the pictures into the computer. My intent is to have daily pictures in this blog. Somehow I screwed up! Such is life!

I am at my daughter Lisa’s home doing the blog today on her computer.

Last night I had a great evening!

Drinks at the bar at Antonia’s with some members of the legal community. I can still talk law! It was refreshing and stimulating!

Then dinner outside at the Hot Tin Roof. A great meal and equally great food!

My brother in law Fran is in town. He is an early riser also. So I treated him to the joys of cuban coffee and cuban toast this morning at Paradise Cafe as the sun was rising.

He thought the toast was absolutely outstanding! Until I told him it was made with pig fat! As he said, anything this good has to be bad!

And so right he is!

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  1. Miss your blog, Key West, and you!
    Thanks again for being such a great host. Saw Mary Lourdes at Turning Stone today and she is doing well. Hope to see you when you are in town.

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