The bocci wars are upon us!

We won 2 and lost 1 last night. We had gone 3 consecutive weeks without losing a game. I did not like losing one! Nor did my team mates!

But such is life!

We are still tied for first place. Next week we play the team tied with us. Ergo the bocci war reference!

I play for Bat Construction. We are 3 guys and 4 women. And we are having one hell of a year!

The other team tied for first is Don’s Place. All guys. A tough team!

Drinking takes place during the games. My team is the mixed drink team. Don’s is the beer drinkers!

Don’s team is big and experienced! Bat is the new kid on the block.

Now to place it all in perspective. Bat and Don’s are comprised of golfing and drinking buddies and in some instances co-workers. Friends all!

Next week is a blood match! A bragging rights encounter!

We will do our best to hang in there!

It is going to be interesting!

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