Good morning! Almost afternoon! Sorry to be late with today’s blog. However I overindulged last night and accordingly I am moving slowly this morning! What a head I have!

The day was good yesterday!

I lunched at the bar at Hogfish and watched Syracuse play Pittsburgh. A good game even though Syracuse lost again. By about 5 points. Again the cry is wait till next year!

Then home to rest. No rest. The grandkids showed up to swim. I had a most happy 2 hours playing with them in the pool!

Alley is 2 1/2. I noticed she was talking more. Actually constantly. Non stop! I pointed out to Lisa how unusual this was. She said not really. The reason Ally is talking is that she gave up her pacifier 2 weeks ago! She never talked because that thing was always in her mouth. Now she is shouting to the heavens! A happy change!

I started my evening at Kwest listening to Bobby Nesbitt. Always a pleasure!

Then I walked over to La Trattatore and had dinner at the bar. A couple of drinks and my favorite dinner there of spaghetti with oil and garlic.

When I finished dinner I should have gone home. I felt good. I felt comfortable.

But I did not!

Instead I went to the Pier House. Larry smith was featuring Raven as his special vocalist and he had called me earlier and recommended that I stop by to hear her. He said she was different and he thought I would enjoy her.

So I went.

Raven was different! At first I did not like her. However she grew on me!

Her voice can only be described as gutteral. Low and deep. As I listened to her, I came to enjoy her. Very much!

And so I stayed longer than I normally would. And therein was the tragedy which led to my downfall this morning.

I had 3 espresso martinis! On top of several gins earlier!

This is one of those mornings where I swear I will never drink again!

To show that I exercise good judgment, be advised that I called for a cab to take me home.

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