Yankee Jack is one of the nicest guys in the world! Perhaps the nicest! A kind, soft spoken man.

Yankee sings at the Bull on Duval most afternoons. You name it, he sings it!

And he writes music too! Great ditties!

Like when his first wife had left him for another, he composed a musical tale which included “…I can’t get over you till you get out from under him!”

A talent.

Why Yankee today? Well I will tell you. I am very proud of him! He is accomplishing a big deal!

Yankee recently weighed in at 448 pounds. He telphoned me yesterday to say he weighed in at 398! A 50 pound loss! No easy accomplishment for a man his size!

I lost 50 pounds last year on the Nutrisystem diet. Yankee called me a few months ago and asked about it. And then he went on the diet!

Keep up the good work Yankee!

Last night Bob and I spent some time at the Yacht Club. Friday is always a busy time there. A few drinks and a good grouper dinner.

A DUI stop had been set up on the Boulevard on the way into Old Town. I knew about it from the newspaper. One nice thing about Key West is the authorities genrally warn you about these things. And it was also an item of discussion among the club members last night.

No sense in inviting trouble! Bob and I opted not to drive into town. Home is in the opposite direction from the traffic stop. So we drove home. Good judgment exercised! Ergo we could not have had that much to drink!

Bob is gone. He left on a 6 am flight. A good guy! I enjoyed his company! Probably because he did not behave like company! Those of you that occasionally have company down here understand.

A beautiful day in the making! Sun already up. The cold wave is gone. Time to get back to walking. That is next on my agenda this morning. After cuban cofee, toast and the papers at Paradise Cafe, of course!

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