Big night last night! We won all 3 games! Our team is tied for first place!

Not pretty however! All 3 games were brutally fought! Especially the last 2 which were won similarly to a 3 pointer being made in a basketball game at the buzzer!

And I did not get benched!

Captain David partnered Jules and I again last night. She and I have bonded as far as the game is concerned.

I felt sorry for Jules last night. It was her eighteenth wedding anniversary. Her husband is a major in the US Air Force. He is presently in Pensecola receiving special training preparatory to being shipped to the Middle East. A bummer she was seperated from him last night and a bummer he is going over!

Afterwards we all traveled to Don’s Place to celebrate. Tino also. Maria did not show. Tino said her feet hurt from the cold.

And cold it was last night! Everyone was layered and bundled. A couple of spectators were under blankets. The temperature was in the low 60s and the breeze off the Atlantic did not help either.

After Don’s I went to La Te Da to meet Bob.

La Te Da was jumping again. The season is here! Debra and Patrick were performing. And Randy Roberts was also singing alone and along with Debra.

Randy is the top female impersonator in Key West. I have known him for years. Very personable. Well liked.

He impersonates the greats! Cher, Marilyn Monroe, etc.

He was dressed as he sang in the bar. He provided everyone with some fantastic moments!

Then I did something I have not done in years. I went to Bare Assets! Took Bob along. Sinners love company!

Bare Assests is a strip joint!

The last time I was there was about 4 years ago when my friend Gus was visiting me from Utica. It was a rainy Sunday afternoon. We had nothing to do. What an excuse!

Anyhow nothing has changed in 4 years. The girls are lovely! Lovely lovely! No one over 22 I would project.

All with magnificent bodies! All of which are revealed! Nothing is left to the imagination!

They take turns dancing on a stage with a pole. The pole is verticle and fixed to floor and ceiling. Immovable.

The ladies do gymnastics and arobics around and with the poll. Terrific exercise for them! Terrific exercise for spectator eyes! At least mine!

We had one drink at the bar. None of the lovelies talked to us! How sad! So we left and came home.

I obviously had a full evening. And would you believe it was not even 11 o’clock when I settled into bed! And quickly fell asleep with visions of lovelies dancing in my head! Good, good, good!

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