I am up before the sun this morning. Did not sleep well. Tossed and turned. There are benefits to a sleepless night however. I got to watch the 1,876th rerun of Easy Rider. I love the Jack Nicholson scene where he orders the toast. Another benefit is that I shall watch the sun rise. A bright orange ball breaking over the water.

Stopped in to see and hear Bobby Nesbitt at Kwest last night. A great voice and an equally great personality! He was singing Christmas carols and jingles. Someone mentioned that Christmas was two weeks from this coming Tuesday. I did not realize it was that close. When you live alone things like that sometimes get away from you.

Walked down Duval to La Tratatoria. Had dinner at the bar. Good food. Erin is the bartender. She was one of the lovelies at the James Bond party the other night. She was striking in her stilettos and black slinky dress at the party. One of the stand outs!

I was home and to bed early. Maybe too early. Probably the reason I did not sleep well.

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